Owning rental property is THE SOLID INVESTMENT choice. Having a team of professionals to successfully handle the daily management tasks is THE SOLID NEXT STEP.

We combine technology and a wealth of property management expertise to provide optimal return on your real estate investment. We treat each and every aspect of managing your property like it is our very own. Our knowledgeable and motivated team of service pros have the systems, experience and tools to give you the assurance that your investment is in the most capable hands. You can also be confident that we are constantly working to improve and remain at the top of the industry as we serve our clients.

It’s Your Small Business. We get it.

You are in the business of making money. We get it. each rental property is it’s own small business that exists to put money in your pocket and At Frank Moore & Company we don’t want to impede that mission. Rather, We want to partner with you to enhance this goal. We believe that we offer a clear value PROPOSITION that will positively affect your experience being a landlord and we can’t wait to work with you on your wealth building journey.

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50% Leasing Fee

The leasing fee covers the time we work to get a qualified tenant in place.We will create a marketing package and list it on numerous websites, coordinate showing the home, screening the applicants and execute the new lease agreement.


Starting At 9.5% Monthly Management Fee

We will work each month to collect the rent, handle maintenance issues, enforce the lease and create a solid relationship with the resident. You will also have our team as your partner in building wealth with real estate! You will have access to our experience and knowledge to guide you each step of the way.


25% Renewal Fee

Vacancy is easily one of the greatest expenses when owning rental property. We work hard to keep good tenants in place and renew the lease. Long term tenants will create winning situations for your rental property. No matter who manages your rental portfolio you would be wise to incentivise lease renewals.

Customer service is vitally important to your investment returns. In most cases, the most costly event that occurs for a property owner is turnover.

Some turnover is inevitable, and we’ll be there to manage that process when necessary. But our first goal is to provide outstanding customer services to our tenants to achieve the lowest possible turnover rate and the highest occupancy rate for your property. Our desire is for them to be proud of their home or business location and satisfied with the value they receive and the service they require. Tenants are our customers and their satisfaction is vital to our success and vital to optimizing the return on your investment.

Frank Moore explains why tenants are the real asset. Our belief is if we serve our tenants well, everybody wins!

We provide our clients with detailed monthly and annual accounting for all the activities concerning the property. Each Owner is provided an online portal which provides anytime access to reports or information on the property.

Our disbursements to clients are made each month as quickly as possible without arbitrary hold times. With rent being due by the fifth of the month, most of our reports and owner payments are processed and ready for delivery on or soon after the tenth of each month. The majority of our clients choose to have their funds deposited directly with their bank each month.


On behalf of our clients we effectively recruit and screen tenant prospects. Tenant prospects are evaluated based on credit reports, criminal background checks, employment references and former landlord references.

To insure fairness to all, we use a standardized process to approve tenancy and to uniformly determine the required Security Deposit. With each move-in, we perform a thorough inspection with photos and we always require a security deposit from each tenant to insure their performance under the lease agreement. Our Lease Agreement documents, built with the benefit of many years’ experience, may be our most valuable service tool in assuring that the positive outcome is predictable for everyone.



We use an effective arsenal of marketing tools including a strong web presence to advertise our properties to a wide range of local potential tenants. Our listings syndicate to all of the major platforms including Facebook Marketplace,,, and many more. Our online platform makes it extremely simple for perspective tenants to submit inquires and apply directly online. Use the button below to take a look at our Available Rentals page.


Repairs & Maintenance

All repairs and cleaning services are done properly, promptly, and at best value pricing. We take the hassle out of keeping your property in excellent condition with the availability of cleaning, repair and maintenance resources. Not only are the tenants kept happy but this process also avoids a build-up of deferred maintenance which usually brings a big financial hit and also takes the property out of productive use for an extended period of time.